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As per the Airlines guide lines & all other service providers rules & regulations only charges will be apply for cancellations and rescheduling please read carefully before making confirmation your bookings all rules of the travel providers.By accessing or using this site or using any of its services, you are agreed on terms and conditions mentioned below, including any supplementary guidelines and future modifications as per company legal rules.COVID-19 travel guidelines strictly please fallow and refer the airlines website or contact our team. all travellers need to produce RT-PCR LAB TEST at the time of travel or accept the on arrival testing and if get covid positive on test reports as per the state Government rules accept the Qurantine terms and conditions.  

Ms AMAZONTRAVELS  may change, alter or remove any part of these below written Terms and Conditions without any prior notice. Any changes done in this Terms and Conditions of Use will be applicable the moment they are posted on the site. You need to re-check the “Terms & Conditions”  to be fully aware.

Browsing, accessing or make booking through , users have to accept that they are agreed to the terms and conditions of our website. In case of any violation, Ms AMAZONTRAVELS reserve all the rights for taking any legal actions against them.

The price, which we offer by Ms AMAZONTRAVELS is generally includes GST charges, taxes (unless specified otherwise) and  meals (Breakfast /Lunch / Dinner/ Extra Baggage charges on special cases(optional). Before proceed for payment please check all prices carefully. 

For transactional communication Ms AMAZONTRAVELS can send e-mail / SMS confirmation for the successful trasactions. so while entering E-MAIL and MOBILE number please enter correct information to avoide miscommunication. If any unsucessful transactions also you will get communication from website services team and in case payment can debited from customers AC for failed trasactions amount will be refuded to the same account with in 72 hours as per the rules.  

In case of increase in the fare in the issuance of the Air ticket , due to airlines, miscalculation in amount due to server error and from the banks payment gateway issue then Ms AMAZONTRAVELS reserves the right to cancel the ticket and forfeit the amount received as Cancellation Charges. The difference of amount should be paid to Ms AMAZONTRAVELS after the communication from Ms AMAZONTRAVELS to avoid any discomfort.

Some bookings may be non-refundable as per the specific airline’s policy.

Some bookings cannot be cancelled partially as per the specific airline’s policy.

Cancellations can be made online or offline through Mybooking section or by sending an email to Ms AMAZONTRAVELS

We assist you in making various amendments for bookings. In few cases, you need to contact the airline directly.

Amendment charges on Ms AMAZONTRAVELS are subject to change as per the policy of the airline, which varies due to flight timings and booking class.

To cancel the tickets within 24 Hrs of the journey, Ms AMAZONTRAVELS recommends customer to contact directly to the Airlines and after that, send the cancellation request on our website for refunds.

In case of direct cancellation through airlines, refunds will be given according to airlines charges along with our service charge as above mentioned. After flight departure & in case of No Show, we don't entertain any cancelation request.

In case of No-show the refund amount is entirely depends upon the airlines. Ms AMAZONTRAVELS has nothing to do with the refund amount. Ms AMAZONTRAVELS will refund the same amount to the customer, which we receive from airlines in case of No-Show.



  1.  Please read all charges and terms & conditions of COVID-19 carefully before ticket booking only.

  2.  All tickets are not transferable so before making confirmation of tickets please check carefully all details 

  3.  Ms AMAZONtravels is not responcible for wrong issues by the users and schedule changes by the operators 

  4.  For delay/changes of scheduled flights are the depends on the Airlines only.

  5.  As per the Airlines guidelines please check before board the flights PASSPORT/VISA/OK TO BOARD / COVID-19 TRAVEL GUIDELINES etc., to avoide hassle.

  6.  Ms AMAZONTRAVELS is not responcible for the missing schedule of flights and passanger's KYC.

  7.  Before making confirmation please enter travellers information as the GOVT ID PROOF only is  valid for journey.

  8. Ms AMAZONTRAVELS is not responsible for any flight canccellations by airlines, Road accidents by BUS transports also. As a service provider fecilitate to reserve all type of services and brands in searching of results. Final Reservation part is only under USER agreement  with interest only. 

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